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Crítica de Noise & Capitalism en Volume!

viernes, junio 11th, 2010

Crítica de Noise & Capitalism en la revista Volume!
por Aitor Izaguirre (en francés)

CONVOCATORIA: (2010) – Noise & Capitalism

miércoles, diciembre 9th, 2009

Acabamos de saber de esta convocatoria abierta para artistas iniciativa de a thousand plateaus. Toda la información sobre como participar aqui.


Artists, musicians, filmmakers and performers are invited to submit proposals for work in response to the theme ‘noise & capitalism’ for presentation as part of the next 1000 Plateaus.

On Saturday 30th January 2010 audiovisual arts collective Kino-Kult are taking over Havant Arts Centre and hosting a digital potlatch ( celebrating audiovisual arts and culture in the region. The event is an open platform to which artists working across a range of mediums are invited to contribute.

Anyone can submit an artwork for this event but you must address the theme “NOISE & CAPITALISM”:
You may be working with digital media, audiovisual installation, site specific, kinetic sculpture, digital photography, live art, performance, music, theatre and related arts.

You may be a youth arts group, a loose collective, solo performer, student, professional it really doesn’t matter.
It can be a work in progress, an existing piece or something you have developed specifically for the event.
There are no rules though you should be prepared to work collaboratively with the other artists involved in staging the event.

Kino-Kult will curate the event and provide stage management, technical services and event marketing. Where possible we will provide technical support, equipment and materials to support you. However the budget is extremely limited and you should be able to provide whatever specialist materials or resources you need to stage or exhibit your artwork.

The following spaces will be available for artists to work in:
- Café/Foyer (multi-projector live performance ambient café culture)
- Theatre/Cinema (live performance and artists films)
- Downstairs Studio (gallery performance installation)
- Upstairs Studio (gallery performance installation)
- Courtyard (performance installation)
- Corridors, lavatories and other miscellaneous spaces (imagination)

Proposal submission forms will be available on the 1000 Plateaus website. Look for the group and you will find all the information you need. If you have questions or want to find out more information contact us via the website

Venue Location (no point in contacting the venue for info they will just send you to the website).
Spring Arts Centre, 56 East St, Havant, PO9 1BS, 023 92472700

Crítica en el blog red_robin

jueves, diciembre 3rd, 2009

Comentario publicado en el blog red_robin :: tristan louth-robins’ blog

I got hold of this interesting and exciting publication when The Wire posted a notification on their Facebook feed. Noise and Capitalism is a collection of essays examining aspects of improvisation, the obsolescence of genre, globalisation and anti-copyright in relation to noise and capitalism. I must admit I find it a bit difficult to read .pdfs off a computer screen (you won’t see me with a Kindle anytime soon), so I’ve only been able to skim over most of the chapters and digest Csaba Toth’s excellent essay ‘Noise Theory’. Paper is much kinder on the eyes.

The book is essentially ‘free’, with the proviso the publisher requests that you (as artist/musician/writer) send an example of your work in exchange for the .pdf.

I find this mode of distribution another interesting development in relation to Radiohead’s pay-what-you-like for In Rainbows (2007) and the culture surrounding Creative Commons, Copyleft and Anti-Copyright. The book, in terms of its content and distribution, also presents itself as a poignant political statement as the first decade of the 21st Century comes to a close, post-econonic meltdown. It’s also a worthy addition to recent books examining aspects of noise culture (such as Paul Hegarty’s Noise/Music: A History) and of course Attali’s seminal Noise (1985).

The publishers Arteleku describe the book as follows:

This book, Noise & Capitalism, is a tool for understanding the situation we are living through, the way our practices and our subjectivities are determined by capitalism. It explores contemporary alienation in order to discover whether the practices of improvisation and noise contain or can produce emancipatory moments and how these practices point towards social relations which can extend these moments.[1]

N&C live at Late Lunch With Out To Lunch

miércoles, diciembre 2nd, 2009

Episodio de programa de radio semanal “Late Lunch With Out To Lunch” conducido por Ben Watson para Resonance Radio ( con comentario sobre el libro “Noise & Capitalism”. Watson participa en el mismo libro.


miércoles, noviembre 25th, 2009

Noise & Capitalism presentacion/charla en la fundacion  Emily Harvey

27 de Noviembre 2009
7-9pm (puntual)
The Emily Harvey Foundation
537 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York,
NY 10012
entre Spring & Prince


jueves, noviembre 19th, 2009


Presentación deNoise & Capitalism/Free Software Series por Mattin

Lugar: Bergen Kunstmuseum/Stenersen
Espacio: Auditoriet
Fecha: 20-11-2009 15:30 – 16:15