Tres nuevos trabajos en Free Software Series


Joaquin Lana

“Jacobin Of Noise”

Gamberro y Makarra por excelencia,
there is nobody in the whole Spanish noise scene that laughs more about the whole world than Joaquin Lana. This records sounds familiar but I don’t know why. Actually I do know why. “Jacobin Of Noise” documents the sound of the guillotine slicing the heads of the royal computer music club. Nihilist noise in the era of digital hope.


Noish ((Oscar Martin))

“noise&capitalism.txt >> /dev/dsp”

Originally from Motril (Granada) but now living in Barcelona, Oscar Martin is partly responsible for the ursonate magazine which collects texts and music from the growing Spanish experimental music scene. For this release Oscar took a .txt file of Noise & Capitalism opened a terminal and put it through the dsp of his computer in order to literally make noise out of the book.
Then he began to process the sounds with analogue tape and edit them, until he manage to get the shape he wanted. Perfectly sculptured, “noise&capitalism.txt >> /dev/dsp” records the process of a growing exploration into the terrain of material conceptualism.
Public Domain


Christian Galarreta

“Computer Music Is Dead”

In the cemetery of computer hardware,
Christian uses his software only to document a derive into the detritus of matter, into the desolation of our times,
into the nothingness of being. Nothing alive here and no hopes, just some sounds without pretending to grasp you. We live between 0 and 1′s in a collapsing world so it is not strange that someone tries to find ways of documenting the death of our surroundings. No digital glamour here, just materialist realism. This record is the beginning of the end.

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