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pyr040 barriere, garcía, gris – chamber music

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bowed metal. electric hum. squeals and squelches. fractured percussions. is it live? is it electro? low rumbles and fluttering squeaks. droning tones while construction labors away underneath it all. wheels and gears. pulsing menace threatens to break free. voices in the dark. clicks and pops. insects learning. atmospheric radio signals, clouds roll in. ambiguity.

lali barriere, miguel garcía and tomas gris documented this improvised electro-acoustic session in february of 2011. objects were miked, amplified, not miked, not amplified, etc. electronics were used. 17.54 minutes.

recorded live in arphouse, madrid, 11-2-11. edited by miguel a. garcía. mastered by ferran fages & tzesne. drawing by raúl domínguez

music by
lali barriere – objects, miguel a. garcía – electronics, tomas gris – objects

a trio of sound artists, manipulators, mathemeticians, improvisers, etc. lali barriere plays amplified objects, cracklebox, etc. alone and with others. he’s also known to work with pure data and field recordings. soundworker miguel garcía plays in cooloola monster, plays solo, collaborates with numerous and curates festivals. tomas gris tends to experiment with prepared turntables, mixers and contact microphones.

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