In search of participants for ARCOPARLANTE, a live radio experiment !
On March 21st, together with the radio-art group of Deutschlandradio, I will organize a big STILLE POST (“telephone”, telefono senza fili etc…) game. We will be using the middle/long waves and internet streams of the radio station. For four hours, between 8pm and midnight, european time (2pm and 6pm USA east coast time ), a speaker will broadcast several transcriptions from my personal collection of “incomprehensible radio broadcastings”. These are recordings of broadcasted speech where neither the language spoken nor the meaning are decipherable. The only certain thing is that they will contain HUMAN SPEECH.

The listeners ( that’s YOU !!) will be asked to transcribe what they hear and ( believe to ) understand. Then send it back to us, via email or telephone. In the best case scenario, this will happen in real time. We will be including all the new transcriptions we receive from you into the broadcasting. We will give them to the speaker right away and then feed the “arcoparlante” circle one more time. You are also welcome to send us your transcriptions LATER, by post, passenger pigeon, by hand, etc….

We encourage all listeners (yes, YOU, again !) to record the moments while you listen and try to figure out what the texts are. Feel free to use any recording device (from very good to very bad quality). We’ll take anything from cassettes, mini cassettes, cd’s, minidisks, audiofiles etc….

So, invite some friends for dinner (if you are in Europe or Africa), for a late lunch or coffee ( if in the Americas) or for breakfast (if you are in Asia ), turn on your radio and play with us !!

Eventually, I will re-compose all the scattered recorded bits and pieces. All these materials will become the building blocks of a final composition.

This is how you can tune in and receive the “arcoparlante” broadcasting on your radio or computer :

Medium Wave : 855 and 990 KHz
Long Wave : 153 and 177 KHz
Satellite : ASTRA 1, Transponder 77,
Internet stream :

This is how you can reach us :

Snail mail :
Deutschlandradio Kultur
Hörspiel / Klangkunst
D-10825 Berlin

e-mail :

Phone : 00 800 800 22 11 (only during the broadcast )

Fax : +49 (0)30 8503 940 5585

We hope to hear from you and to play with you !! And don’t forget to spread the word about ARCOPARLANTE !

Cheers from Berlin,

Alessandro Bosetti

Alessandro Bosetti


311 E 30th Street,
21218 Baltimore, MD
+1 410 440 0811

Weidenweg 75
10247 Berlin
+49 157 7879 3159

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