Noise & Capitalism: Towards Desubjectification

Salong, Munich 18-22 January 2011

The extent to which individualism is praised in today’s society is a symptom of howcapitalism has conditioned our subjectivity: it produces more and more brutally precarious conditions while it provide us with the “freedom” to express our creativity in places like youtube, myspace, facebook…In this regard, the artist is a paradigmatic subject in the sense that s/he is willing to give everything (time, energy, money) for the production and promotion of their work. Like a Human Company selling their own integrity as a commodity in exchange of reputation. As we know, reputation is a very good currency nowadays.

Can we through a collective praxis of noise and improvisation understand better how we are conditioned by capitalism? Can we produce something together beyond the framework of intellectual property and without authorship? Can we evade this reputation economy?

During this week, we will discuss these issues while trying things out-whatever these things might be. Let’s disregard aesthetic values for a moment and move together towards politics,
while usurping the authority of those who feel entitled to in any given situation!


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