CONVOCATORIA: Then the silence Increased


Then the Silence Increased: Call for Responses “Then the Silence Increased” is an exhibition curated by Sound Artists Ben Gwilliam & Helmut Lemke, with the support of the Arts Unit of the University of Salford, commencing May 2007. For this project we are asking for Musicians, Artists, and those whose work is concerned with sound, to submit brief statements, quotes, opinions, anecdotes, memories, images about silence. It is our intention to fill the gallery space with hundreds maybe thousands of printed emails. All Responses will be shown in the exhibition and every contributor will be acknowledged in the accompanying catalogue. Please email texts etc to:

Best wishes
Helmut Lemke & Ben Gwilliam

3 Responses to “CONVOCATORIA: Then the silence Increased”

  1. Nina Nasilli Says:

    I’m an Italian writer and painter. I heard of this project on the radio some days ago. I think it’s great, as it’s stimulating and, under many aspects, necessary.
    Thank you above all for the opportunity of reflecting on one of the most urgent needs of our noisy society.
    I’ll send something as a contribution to the exhibition, if you think it’s acceptable.
    Best wishes.
    Nina nasilli

    I’m sorry if my website is not updated…

  2. xabierk Says:

    Hi Nina,

    I agree also with the concept of this project. Anyway we only post it in our blog, i mean, is not our project. For information about it, visit heir website:

    If you want you will find also more info to participate in other open projects at:

    thanks and good luck!

  3. Yaz Okulu Says:

    does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?

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