April 23rd, 2006


I am accepting submissions for a compilation entitled “Sloppy Seconds”.
Submissions must be exactly one second in length. They may be found sound, original compositions, previously released or unreleased.. anything. They are all being strung together in the order they are received, into a massive, A.D.D. inducing, pummeling, roller coaster ride of an audio experience.
My goal is to fill an 80 minute CDr in this way. At 60 artists a minute, that would be 4800 separate submissions, with a track marker every minute. I know, I’m aiming for the sky, and it’s probably a totally unrealistic goal. You can help by passing the website around to anyone you think might be interested. Any style of music will be accepted. When I deem it’s “done”, submissions will no longer be accepted and it’ll be released in whatever form it takes. There is no timeline for this process, but I suspect it will take awhile. That being said, track one is already done, so who knows?

1. Email your track, wav files preferred, to
2. Include your project name and the name of your track.
3. Tracks must be one second in length, no more no less.
4. One track per project, please. (Side projects are OK and encouraged, if you want to send more than one track.)
5. No artist CD’s will be distributed. I’m sure you understand why, just too many of them. Instead, I’ll post it as mp3′s at or something. We’ll see when the time comes closer.
Update: I’m also accepting graphic files, small ones, to be used in the cover art. Send a small jpg along with your track if you wish.

+ info:

vía: IGUA mailing list (aupa oier)

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