February 14th, 2006

Nodar. Portugal


Binaural is currently accepting proposals for:
PTM: Pushing the Medium #2 – Nodar
September 14-25 2006
Proposal Deadline: March 10, 2006

What is Pushing the Medium?
Pushing the Medium is an international meeting of sound, video and media artists brought together for a one week symposium in Nodar, Portugal.

Pushing the Medium #2 is hosted by Binaural, a non-profit artist-run cultural organization dedicated to local and international cooperation in the fields of arts, social and environmental research in Nodar, and is routed in a partnership between similar but distant organizations – Moks and Stazione di Topolò – that by their geography, to start with, remain outside the “central cultural Europeâ€?, and to keep the focus on cross discipline artistic and social interventions in a context-specific location, The first event took place in 2004 in Mooste, Estonia.

During Pushing the Medium we seek to challenge artists, sound, video and media artists, social researchers and other participants in thinking about the ‘place’ – landscape, the villages, mountains and valleys around Nodar – as the primary material to invite incoming artists to explore and create through creative interventions and artistic collaborations.

The symposium features discussions, project work, workshops, and presentations from a wide variety of international performers and artists.

Pushing the Medium encourages both the exchange of ideas and the realization of short term artistic projects within a 10 day event. The present edition, as the previous one, has no theme. The theme is the place itself, the extreme and isolated topography and habitat as metaphor for a Europe that, erased and forgotten, is still not inscribed in the paradigmatic and dominant discourses. PTM attempts to instigate collaborative activities within artists from all around the globe and between artists and local community and encourage an expanded involvement with the human “habitat�, the identity and memory of Nodar.

We seek artistic practices in which sound, new technologies and context/location intersect, to reflect and articulate their social and cultural meanings and how this shape the way in which we think about and experience.

There are many ways for artists to explore the relationship between art and location. What is important for PTM, though, is that the artistic practices imply a reflection about the aesthetic, cultural and social dimensions of such environment, by challenging artists to question their own role and to work dependent of a context-based location or environment.

Call for participation:
PTM operates on the principle of open models of artistic work, realized in a location specific environment. This is a call for projects and/or workshops to be carried out during the frame of the event. Projects are open to any medium and method (visual, sculptural, performed, written and researched) with an emphasis on collaborative efforts. Projects may consider being done with other artists, in the interest of the local people or in relation to local buildings or natural environment.

Proposals will be reviewed by the Binaural members and selected soon after
the deadline.

To apply:

- You should fill in this application form.

- You must send a brief but clear description of your project proposal (with material costs or any human assistance you may need).

- Also include a short CV and some examples of past work (web, photo, video, written documentation).

- Proposals can be sent electronically (please get in touch before sending large files) or by post to the following address:

Rui Costa c/o Associação Binaural
Alameda Padre Ã?lvaro Proença, 10 – 12º A
1500-475 Lisboa – Portugal
rui [at] binauralmedia.org

The deadline for project proposals is March 10th, 2006!

Conditions: Each participant must find their own means of travel to and from Portugal as well as their own fees and support costs. Binaural will provide food and housing for all participants during the event. Some material costs can be provided given that the participants’ needs are defined and agreed upon as clear and soon as possible. Binaural will send the necessary invitations for those participants accepted for PTM2.

Artistic Direction:
Luís Costa
Paulo Raposo
Rui Costa

For more information, please contact: luis [at] binauralmedia.org

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