Appel à participation radiophonique / 0 (for radio)

January 13th, 2015


Dear friends,

After the killing at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris, we have also been chocked. We are simple citizens, musicians, and are ways of expression are based on the work of sound. Today our wish is to create a collective radio piece to react to these events and to put it online on February 7th at 11 AM. We have already done a similar thing during the latest french presidential election back in 2012. This previous piece started by two questions by humorist Pierre Desproges : “First, can we laugh about everything? Secondly, can we laugh with everybody?”

Our sensibility drives us to call for another piece now, at the time of events that seem uncommon to us.
We would like to make something at the opposite of sadness and fear, but to go towards humor, satire, but also tenderness.
This is why we are sending you this mail.

If you want to participate to our modest action, we are asking you to send us soon a sound document of your choice, an archive, an internet link, music, words, visuals, or even a text or a photo found wherever you want. Then we will compile and edit those document to create a collective piece (both audio and pdf). The deadline is 28 JANUARY and you can send the material to:

Thank you.
All the best,


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