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virtual bass (english)

Viernes, Marzo 30th, 2012

virtual bass

next to the era of amplifiers
there was the era of silencers
applied to the comfort and follies by the engines

the unfashioned came and was stable
and again, anchor

the first “stable” and the first “anchor” were:
the sequence and listening
families of listening

localization of sources became musical element
with lots of exercises and results (as in the laboratory)
as in the acoustics laboratory
no signs or notes or dynamics.
Only quality.
Not being the words that make the story,
lack illudes.


Ruido diario #112

Lunes, Marzo 26th, 2012

(..) For example, depending on the food substance, today it is known that there is an optimal sound threshold that will make the given food more agreeable to the consumer. (..) Nestlé set to work to study the noise produced by cornflakes under the teeth, to find the ideal levels of “crock” and “crunch”.

Patrizia Scarzella. Sounds and everyday objects. Notes
(Triennale di Milano, 2009)

Ruido diario #111

Jueves, Marzo 22nd, 2012

Noise by definition is that sound wich occurs where it should not.

Brandon Labelle . Acoustic Territories / Sound Culture and everyday life (Continuum, 2010)

amm odioa

Lunes, Marzo 12th, 2012

mrb uelto
amm odio


Héctor Rey Defentsa@Desetxea

Sábado, Marzo 3rd, 2012



Jueves, Marzo 1st, 2012

Porqué los blogs y radios dedicados al arte sonoro, a las armas sonoras, a las experiencias sonoras extremas (sic!), en España, siguen ignorando voluntariamente la tortura en 2012 (también relacionada con la escucha-ruido-música)?
Eh, Miguel?
Eh, Chiu?
Eh, Juan?
Eh, Jose Luis?
Eh, Blanca?
E Macba Radio?
Eh, yo mismo?
Eh, tu?

El miedo ensordece