March 20th, 2006

UBUweb webgune bikainak Walter Cianciusik Fluxlist-erako bildutako FLUXUS soinu lan bilduma bat jarri du deskargatzeko moduan.

La excelente web UBUweb presenta una antología descargable de trabajos sonoros FLUXUS compilados por Walter Cianciusi para Fluxlist.

Fluxus Anthology is now also available through Ubuweb: http://ubu.com/sound/fluxus_anthology_2006.html


A collection of music and sound events assembled by Walter Cianciusi for Fluxlist

1. Roger Stevens – Bottom Of The Stairs (2:52)
2. Bj̦rn Eriksson РbAllAd olo dAllAb (1:55)
3. Ken Friedman – Heat Transfer Event 1970 (3:15)
4. Walter Cianciusi – #70 (da Richard Strauss “Serenata in mi bemolle maggiore per 13 strumenti a fiato op. 7″) (0:30)
5. ID M Theft Able – Woob Woob (1:57)
6. Madawg – Mad Dog (0:20)
7. Alan Bowman – Kitchen Pt. 1 (from Potential Party Place Trilogy) (5:22)
8. mIEKAL aND – Summertime (0:58)
9. Alan Bowman – Kitchen Pt. 2 (from Potential Party Place Trilogy) (4:45)
10. mIEKAL aND – Kakapo Blues (1:20)
11. Alan Bowman – Kitchen Pt. 3 (from Potential Party Place Trilogy) (3:50)
12. Brad Brace – Sweatheart (0:07)
13. Carol Starr – Peace Now (0:59)
14. Mario Volpe – Fads, Fancies & Fakes (4:39)
15. John M. Bennett – Glue (excerpt) (1:47)
16. Josh Ronsen – For Christian Wolff (1:10)
17. Michael Leigh – AntiOnion Helmet (1:33)
18. Rod Stasick – Fiercely Destined Carbons (1:27)
19. Tibor Macek/Rinus Van Alebeek – Liebe Und Kleine Haustiere (7:14)
20. TNTRN plays the stgo. flux. ex. (5:20)
21. Gabriel Swossil – Fluxus Anthology 2005 (2:33)
22. Sol Nte – Sentimental Education (3:50)

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2006
Cover Art by mIEKAL aND & David-Baptiste Chirot. Download CD booklet graphics and liner notes – .zip file

NOISY is a four letter word. The most unwanted byproduct of population is noise. Noise is a weed to be plowed under, for hope of a flower later, that a planet so wealthy with a resource that is pungent with chaotic bits of info could rhetorically sacrifice it to the distant surroundings, to the recent past. Noise is a food like oxygen, or is a piece of information like the mail.
Noise has entered our waking conscience, forcefully & can not be relinquished to the un/sub conscience. There lies within noise a manner of empowerization that is both organic & suggestive. Noise constitutes all that remains undigested, confused & in opposition.
Noise is the diamond of the future, mined & recycled for its luster, for its clues to the nature & construction of infinity. Noise reproduces in all directions with nucleic passion, with spidery unpredictability.

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