July 22nd, 2006

Dear friends and fellow artists,

First of all I am writing to inform all of you who have been concerned about me, that I am safe -at least for now- and I really thank you for your support. But this is not enough; we all need to take action against the escalating Israeli assault on Lebanon… What is happening here is unimaginable, and the controlled media is not showing the real images of the terror and destruction that the Lebanese civilians have been facing everyday since the 12th of July 2006.

Hezbollah captured 2 Israeli soldiers as hostages, and that was used as a pretext for the US to give Israel a green light to carry out massive military operations against the whole of Lebanon.
Israel bombarded all of the south, inflicting mass murder and displacement of thousands of people,  cutting off small villages from one another, most of which have been lacking in food, medication and even water for days now, and no aids can be delivered for all the roads have been cut off… Right now the same fate is being inflicted upon other areas in Lebanon namely the “Bekaa”. Israel executed a mass destruction plan on all of the southern suburbs of Beirut creating a deserted devastated area.  More than one million refugees are trying to find shelter and food. Life’s essentials are missing as there aren’t enough places to lodge these displaced civilians and not enough aids to meet their needs.

Israel attacked the whole infrastructure of Lebanon destroying all the major bridges, dismembering the whole country. Beirut’s airport was repeatedly bombarded and left in ruins. All of the country’s ports and international roads were severely attacked. The Israeli navy blockaded the ports from the sea leaving the country under siege and preventing fuel, food and aids from being delivered. Factories, fuel storage facilities, power plants, radars have been bombarded… electricity and water are cut in most regions.

Until now over 500 Lebanese civilians have been killed and over a 1000 wounded…
Not only is Israel using missiles prohibited by the international conventions, but it is directly targeting innocent villagers trying to take refuge and escape the terror. (In reference to the massacre of the village of “Merwahin� that resulted in the death of 21 innocent civilians 15 of whom were children!)

Cruelly bombarded, under siege, isolated and crippled, Lebanon is facing the harshest war it has witnessed in its history that’s all but poor in such events.

Israel claims that it is attacking Hezbollah headquarters, while in fact it is executing a vendetta against a country that has long been a brick in its way towards more expansion in the region.

The whole world stands by watching… until this moment there has been no sign of a decision of cease fire being close.
The US gave Israel one more week to destroy Hezbollah which at this point means to destroy Lebanon!!
This could go on for several months, and the only victims are the innocent citizens mainly children who are paying the price for this absurd war that will only result in major losses on all levels.

We need all of you to spread the word and take action against this inhuman Israeli response.
Please forward this email to everyone you know.


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