August 24th, 2010


Noise & Capitalism, iada liburuaren orrietatik kanpo dabil aspaldian. Joan diren hilabeteotan Europako nahiz Amerikako hainbat herrialdetan egin diren aurkezpenak, oraindik ere asteoro iristen diren elkartruke proposamenak eta martxan dauden itzulpen lanak dira horren erakusgarri, baita oraingoan Mattinek Frantziako Brétignyko CACn egin duen Erakusketa kontzertu bezala proposamena ere. Bi hilabetez, proposamen honek ekitaldi sail bat aurkeztuko du non Mattin hainbat musikari, pentsalari eta artisten alboan jarriko den, Loïc Blairon, Ray Brassier, Emma Hedditch, Esther Ferrer, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Anthony Iles, Matthieu Saladin edo Howard Slater tartean. Aitzaki horrekin zentru berak, Taumaturgia disketxearekin batera Mattinen idatziak biltzen dituen liburua argitaratuko du.

Hace tiempo ya que Noise & Capitalism trascendió de las páginas que formaban el libro, si es que alguna vez perteneció a ellas. Ejemplo de ello son las diversas presentaciones y debates que se vienen realizando en varios paises europeos y americanos, las incesantes propuestas de intercambio que recibimos semanalmente, los proyectos de traducción que estan en marcha o la propuesta que realiza Mattin para el CAC Brétigny francés titulado Exposición como concierto. Una serie de eventos que durante dos meses cruzará al vasco con artistas, pensadores, músicos Loïc Blairon, Ray Brassier, Emma Hedditch, Esther Ferrer, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Anthony Iles, Matthieu Saladin o Howard Slater. Paralelamente el mismo centro, en colaboración con al discográfica Taumaturgia publicará un libro que recopila varios textos de Mattin.

Noise & Capitalism > Exhibition as Concert
September 1 – October 31 / 2010
CAC Brétigny

Centre d’art contemporain de Brétigny
Espace Jules Verne, Rue Henri Douard
91220 Brétigny s/Orge
tel (33) 01 60 85 20 76
fax (33) 01 60 85 20 90
35min. From Paris by RER Train

Mattin in collaboration with Loïc Blairon, Ray Brassier,
Emma Hedditch, Esther Ferrer, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Anthony
Iles, Matthieu Saladin, Howard Slater…

Taking as a starting point the book Noise & Capitalism and the desire to explore noise and improvisation in social and political terms, the CAC exhibition context will become an improvised concert lasting for two months. Going through different degrees of intensity, nothing will remain static; the production and reception will take place simultaneously. By collapsing the formats of exhibition and concert into each other, the potential of the different usages of the noun noise will be explored rather than simply perpetuating noise as a musical genre. Playing with different levels of visibility and invisibility, some activities will be more formal than others. Interventions by different people will take different forms, such as an improvised zine, a continuously generated performance program, an open invitation to improvise with the material conditions of the exhibition… .
Historically, noise – in its many forms – has disrupted established codes, orders, discourses, habits and expectations, aesthetics and moralities. Noise has the potential to exceed the logic of framing, by either being too much, too complex, too dense and difficult to decode or too chaotic to be measured. At first encounter noise has the power to suspend values of judgement such as good or bad or right or wrong. To think of it in moral or ethical terms seems ridiculous. Noise, with its epistemic violence, brings into crisis the division between activity and passivity, and between knowing and feeling. By making us aware of our incapacity to decipher it, noise can expose to us our alienated condition, making us question our own subject position.
Can the practice of noise and improvisation help us in any way to understand or even counter the level of commodification that our lives have reached under the capitalist mode of production? Can we use noise as a form of praxis going beyond established audience/performer relationships? Can we push self-reflexivity to the point of positive feedback?

19 September, Sunday at 2pm (shuttle from Paris)
Ray Brassier, Jean-Luc Guionnet & Mattin
Idioms & Idiots

25 September, Saturday at 11am (shuttle from Paris)
Esther Ferrer
Zaj concert

2 October, Saturday at 2pm (shuttle from Paris)
Loïc Blairon
Barred Speach

From 4th October 2pm until 10th October 6pm:
Open invitation to improvise with the exhibition as concert. The material conditions (times, budget, space…) are our instruments, from there anything can happen.
Everybody is welcome.

21 October, Thursday at 8pm (shuttle from Paris)
Matthieu Saladin & Mattin
Brutalised Aesthetics

26 October, Tuesday at 8pm (shuttle from Paris)
Object of Thought

Shuttle time location and reservation: info@cacbretigny.com

For more interventions please check:

CAC Bretigny in collaboration with Taumaturgia (A Coruña) will publish the book Unconstituted Praxis, collecting most of Mattin’s writing.

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