September 25th, 2013

Undoing Property?

25.9, 18:30

Undoing Property? Examines the complex structure of ownership that exists now in general in the arts, culture, political economy, and intellectual production. In the book, artists and writers from other fields touch upon various aspects within the themes of economy, ecology, gentrification, music, publishing, piracy, curating and more. Ownership forms social relationships and creates power structures. These power structures and power relations are based on a enclosure of something (knowledge, resources, information, material) that was once common and produced collectively. The book raises questions about why ownership policy so fundamentally changed over the past few decades, and what we can do to challenge it.

The editors Marysia Lewandowska and Laurel Ptak have invited two of the book’s authors, Rasmus Fleischer and artist Mattin, to Tensta konsthall for a conversation based on their respective texts.

The following texts are the basis for the discussion:
“Copying Is Always Transformative” by Rasmus Fleischer, pp. 71-79
“Improvisation and Communisation” of Mattin , pp. 55-65

The entire book can be downloaded here:


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